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Cost effective and compact flash MCU in SO-8/14 package
Contents:   •  Datasheet
  •  General description
  •  Features
  •  Applications
  •  Applications notes
  •  Errata
The FactSheet is a one-page summary document of the product.
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General description
The EM6580 is a low power Flash 4-bit microcontroller coming in a small 8-pin SO package and working up to 0.4 MIPS. It comes with an integrated 4-bit ADC and 2 high drive outputs of 10 mA and it requires no external component. It has a sleep counter reset allowing automatic wake-up from sleep mode. It is designed for use in battery-operated and field-powered applications requiring an extended lifetime. A high integration level make it an ideal choice for cost sensitive applications.
The EM6580 contains the equivalent of 8 kB of Flash memory and a RC oscillator with frequencies between 32 to 800 kHz. It also has a power-on reset, watchdog timer, 10 bit up/down counter, PWM and several clock functions.
Development tools include windows-based simulator program debugger, assembler and real time emulator.

 True Low Power: 5.8 uA active mode, 3.3 uA standby mode, 0.32 uA sleep mode
 Large Supply Voltage 2.0 V to 5.5 V
 No external component needed
 Max 4 or 5 outputs with 2 high drive outputs of 10 mA
 Available in SO-8/14 packages and die
 4-bit ADC or 12 levels Supply Voltage Level Detector (SVLD)
 Unique serial ID number, different for every produced IC
 Max. 5 or 6 inputs   
 Sleep Counter Reset (automatic wake-up from sleep mode)
 Flash memory 4096 x 16 bits
 RAM 80 x 4 bits
 Internal RC oscillator 32kHz – 800kHz
 2 clocks per instruction cycle
 72 basic instructions
 External CPU clock source possible
 Watchdog timer (2 sec)
 Power-On-Reset with Power-Check on start-up
 3 wire serial port , 8 bit, master and slave mode
 Universal 10-bit counter, PWM, event counter
 Prescaler down to 1 Hz (freq. = 32kHz)
 Frequency output 1Hz, 2048 Hz, Fosc, PWM
 6 internal interrupt sources ( 2x10-bit counter, 2x prescaler, SVLD, Serial Interface)
 2 external interrupt sources (port A)
Household appliances
Safety and security devices
Automotive controls
Sensor interfaces
Intelligent ADC
Driver (LED, triac)
Applications notes
• How to drive a static LCD from a standard I/O port
AN #25
40 Kb
• Using a small flash MCU as a fully customisable, smart supervisory circuit
AN #29
243 Kb
• How to trim the frequency of EM6580
AN #26
79 Kb
• How to program the EM6580 with the ELNEC programmer
AN #27
95 Kb
• How to use EM6680, EM6580 and EM6682 in Smart Power Management Applications
AN #28
68 Kb
Supply Voltage Level Detector (SVLD)

When using the SVLD in single mode (bit VLDstart set to 1), the result of the signal conversion located in register VLDresult could not be correctly performed. The reason is that the internal circuitry (bang-gap reference biasing current) needs a set up time of about 2ms before being perfectly stabilized. As the on chip measurement lasts automatically up to 3.125 clock of ck[14] (max 0.382ms), the analogue signal to be converted could not be reliable.
The busy flag using the same ch[14] can not be used as well.

The workaround is to select the SVLD in continuous mode and read a first result of the conversion after a delay of 2ms. The following readings will be also correct as the bang-gap reference biasing current will be already stabilized. In this mode, the bit VLDstart is no more necessary. The measurement duration will start once the bit SVLDen is set to 1.



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